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Durable Lennox® air conditioners in Marshalltown, Iowa, are among the least noisy and most energy-efficient systems you can purchase.

Sense your cooling, without hearing it, with SilentComfort™ on select Lennox air conditioners. This selection integrates insulation, vibration resistance and a specifically shaped fan blade to lessen equipment noise.

Precise Comfort® features on some models can make your family even cozier. This technology makes small alterations to control your chosen air conditioning temperature while keeping utility bills low.

As an another perk, Precise Comfort could save you hundreds of dollars on cooling costs each year. Select ENERGY STAR® central air conditioners meet the requirements for nationwide energy tax credits and electricity rebates. Contact us at 641-812-2028 for further guidance, or call for a utility rebate appraisal.

To save even more through the seasons, set your new system with a Lennox smart thermostat. That way, you have additional regulation over your family’s temperature while home or away.

Connect with us at 641-812-2028 now to learn more about our products and home comfort installation services. Our heating and cooling team will go over all the choices with you and assist you while you find the correct system for your family.

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Lennox AC Comparison Brochure

Lennox Air Conditioners Comparison Guide

Lennox® air conditioners are engineered to provide precise, energy-efficient cooling. So, no matter which air conditioner you choose, you’ll enjoy perfect comfort for years to come. Click to download our current Lennox AC product comparison guide.

5 Advantages of a New Air Conditioner

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AC replacement adds an abundance of perks:
  1. Decreased energy bills, especially when you elect for an energy-efficient or ENERGY STAR® unit.
  2. Boosted comfort, especially when you decide on a system with Precise Comfort® option that maintains your desired temperature.
  3. Enhanced indoor air quality, specifically when matched with an air purification system.
  4. Smarter climate control at home and around town with a Lennox® smart thermostat.
  5. More hushed operation than older machines, especially when you select a model with SilentComfort™ technology.

We’ll Help You Choose the Best Air Conditioner for Your Space

Call us at 641-812-2028 or connect with us online to find out just how cozy (and quiet) your home could be with a Lennox® home comfort system. We’ll help you figure out the right unit for your space and budget. We also provide expert air conditioning installation.

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