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Furnace Replacement in Marshalltown

After a hot summer, the last thing on our minds is heating our house for the imminent cold. But when we go to switch on the furnace for the first time in months, we begin to panic – will it fire up OK and will it work like a dream all winter long? Will it break on the coldest day of the year? Searching for the indications of a necessary furnace replacement early and often can avoid these concerns and keep you comfortable all winter, and all year, long.

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How do you know if it’s time to get a new furnace? How do you know if replacement is necessary and not just a repair? There are many different personal and professional elements that help determine this, but Kapaun & Brown Inc. has a few guidelines in determining if the time has come to depart from your old furnace.

Furnace age: the normal life of a furnace lasts between 12-17 years. After 15 years, furnaces have a bigger risk of dying so if your furnace is moving toward that age, it might be time to start researching some new furnaces with Kapaun & Brown Inc.. High energy bills: furnaces may not operate efficiently as they get more usage out of them, and if they aren’t checked out regularly, they may also lose efficiency.
Spotty heating: systems must be sealed properly to evade leaks and guarantee they are reliable in heating your home. If your ductwork isn’t shut suitably or the furnace is unable for repair, a new furnace with new ductwork will definitely keep your home warm. Indoor air quality: older ductwork can be stuffed with dust, mold, or mildew after years of use. If you see that the quality of your indoor air is deficient or that members of your family are struggling with allergens, furnace replacement might be needed.

Don’t let the thought of furnace replacement scare you – new furnaces offer a variety of wonderful benefits to any home and the experts at Kapaun & Brown Inc. know all the tips and tricks for proficient and professional installation. New furnaces offer:


  • Quieter operation: get rid of the rumblings and crashing from your old furnace – new furnaces have the latest and greatest in technology and present quieter functionality, so much so that you may not even hear it start!
  • Better furnace efficiency: newer furnaces can live between 20-25 years, compared to around 15 years for older furnaces. Thanks to progresses in technology they operate more efficiently and consistently.
  • Dependable operation: the latest furnaces will need not nearly as many repairs, especially in their younger age.

Furnace replacement is simple with Kapaun & Brown Inc.. There are so many selections of furnaces to choose from to suit your exact home needs and that will keep your wallet happy, too. Come let us help you find the perfect furnace for you by giving the Marshalltown professionals a call at 641-812-2028 or arranging an appointment online.


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