Geothermal Options from Kapaun & Brown Inc.

Tap renewable resources from nature - geo-thermal energy

Geo-thermal energy is regarded as one of the most energy-efficient and environment friendly solutions for your heating and cooling requirements. The ground absorbs 47% energy from the sun that reaches earth. This renewable energy is tapped from underground pipes to a geo-thermal unit inside your home or office. This energy can be used to heat your water, can be reversed for cooling, and more. You can benefit from our geo-thermal system that provides enhanced heating, central air and hot water solutions. You'll get 30% renewable energy tax credit for installing a geo-thermal system. Contact our friendly staff for a FREE estimate at Marshalltown at 641-812-2028.

Install from a wide range of geothermal brands

At Kapaun & Brown Inc. of Marshalltown, IA you'll get a variety of trusted and reliable brands to choose from. You'll be amazed with the quality and efficiency of our branded geo-thermal products.Geothermal Systems

  • Carrier
  • Climate Master
  • Geo Excel
  • Tetco Thermal

A geothermal system may cost more to install initially, but will pay for itself within 5 to 10 years and then provide years of energy savings. Geothermal Systems can save you between 30-70% on monthly utility bills. Today, you can also receive a 10% Iowa tax credit for installing a geothermal system.

Geothermal Heat Pump Systems can be designed into a new home or retrofitted into your existing home. In an existing home, the loops are installed underground with extremely minimal disturbance to your landscaping and/or yard. The system is usually placed where your traditional furnace occupied and is hooked up to the existing ductwork.

Benefit from geo-thermal tax credit in Iowa

Iowa leads the nation in quality, certified geo-thermal installers. For more information on geo-thermal heating, cooling, please call our friendly staff at Marshalltown at 641-812-2028.